Like peanut butter and bananas sometime your two favorite things just work. Saturday September 25th 2010 was no exception. Landyachtz ( and lululemon held their first ever long boarding workshop in English Bay. Armed with helmets and brave faces we challenged ourselves to carve, cruise and sail along the seawall under the watchful eyes of the wonderful crew from Landyachtz.

We started the day learning the differences between the innovative and diverse line of boards landyachtz carries. There seemed to be a board for everyday of the week (however as always I favored my own bamboo Dropcarve). Our fearless leaders (picture above Carly, Lauren & Blake) guided us through the fundamentals of balance, controlling speed and most importantly how to (safely) stop (which I thoroughly enjoyed given that I had used the ‘slow down and jump off my board’ method for the last 5 months). Before we knew it we were moving around cone’s, small hills and through puddles! (personal fave). As we continued through more challenging maneuvers we couldn’t help but notice a small group of youngsters (love that word) holding their own boards on the sidelines. Before we knew it they soon joined our adventure and were kind enough to demo with the crew from Landyachtz, showing us what was possible as we progressed with our new hobby.

Just when we thought it was over we banded together and decided to go cruising along the sea wall. We courageously moved through English Bay (taking up most of the bike path), as a giant group of new friends. We laughed, wobbled a bit and formed new bonds with a new part of our community.

As the day came to a close we all celebrated together, little did we know the Landyachtz had one more surprise up their sleeve:  Erin’s (  name was drawn from the pack, she took home a brand new helmet to match her brand new Wedge Flex ( to practice her new skillz. Welcome to the long boarding family Erin! and most importantly welcome Landyachtz to the lululemon family.


Hey again, well I made the decision that since I decided to do any overhaul on internal-Oli, naturally the next step would be to take a look at the external. Just so we can get them out of the way  thought I would start with clearing the stories I have been using as a crutch for last 27 years: I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I could blame it on a few things (and I have), but the reality is I don’t know how to eat a balanced diet, I don’t often make time to live a balanced life and I often eat for the wrong reasons. My metabolism is probably pretty confused, in fact it’s probably even more confused than I am.

What was the straw that severely injured the camels back? I’ve done a little thinking this week on what in my life is still holding me from being as ‘top-shelf’ as I feel. The reality is that my self-image is skewed and directly impacts my confidence level in many areas of my life. Which includes reaching my goals and making my 10-year vision a reality.

Side Note: I also woke up this morning and took a good long hard look in the mirror (naked of course). I did a series of what I call ‘giggle jumps’ (jump naked and seeing what giggles; which I’m pretty sure I got from the Simpsons). So I made a choice. A choice to change what wasn’t working and try something different to see if it would change the way I feel and see myself.

So stories are gone! let’s lay out the facts:

Weight: 167.5lbs

Medical Recommendation for height (5’7): 121 – 159 lbs

Ideal Weight for medium frame: 148 lbs*

*As much as I appreciate all the research that has gone into concluding what my ‘ideal’ weight looks like, my personal goal will not be defined by a number it’s more of a feeling. That feeling looks like: being comfortable in my own skin and creating a new (permanent and friendly) relationship with food and fitness.  I also want to fit into a pair of size 6 jeans (vain I know).

So here we go….it’s all out there. Follow me, join me, comment and let me know where you’re struggling. This is about being completely honest on the outside and not just the inside, as well as creating a new healthy lifestyle that I can maintain and stand for.

Next up: The Plan. Endorphin Junkie’s 365 Day challenge.

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People on my path is dedicated to those big characters in my life that shift perspective and add pieces to my puzzle. In this episode we’ll be talking about Yvonne Taylor, who is not only my best friend but is also my grandmother. Yvonne (I prefer Nanny) met 27 years ago when I joined the family. I am her first grandchild (of 6) and people say that has soon as I popped out of mum I popped into her and poppa’s arms…and to be quite honest I don’t think I’ve left yet. Nan stands a staggering 5 foot & change with strawberry hair and a smile that seems to light up your heart and make anything that hurt’s go away. She does so many amazing things in so many people’s lives I feel as though I would rather write a book about her to give justice to mark she continues to leave on this earth and everyone around her. What I can speak of is who she has been (and continues to be) in my life. Nanny has been there. She has been there for my biggest hurts, successes and challenges. She seems to always have the right advice (whether you want to hear it or not), she is one of very few people who can see past my stubbornness and actually get through to me. She has ability to somehow move the clouds in BC when I can’t see the light (which is impressive since she still lives in Ontario). She is a powerful business woman and balances that with a heart that bigger than life. She is often the only voice of reason and often show’s up in my subconscious telling me to think about what I’m doing. I wish there were words that could describe the love and respect I feel for this woman. All I know is that what she is and has been for me shows up in all the things I feel most passionate about in life.

She is an incredible woman (which many be an understatement), mother, great-grandmother and nanny. She is by very best friend, I often say if I become half the woman she is I will live a very big and satisfying life.  I love you Nanny for the person you are and the person you’ve helped me become, you are a shining star and I pray that everyone who reads this will share the love with whoever is this person for you.

Yes I know the official challenge is over, I can assure you that the change it created is definitely here to stay. To be honest,  with all these new changes in my life (i.e. new-bigger job, teaching more yoga and that huge mediocre boulder I rolled out-of-the-way), I will admit- I found myself a little overwhelmed this week. I had a list that was never-ending of things that had to be done, you know the one’s, every-time you cross something off another thing suddenly appears in its place. So I made a decision. Yesterday morning I woke up, walked out into my living room, snagged a bolster and went back to bed…and immediately into savasana. Result? Perspective shift. I started by reliving the past few days, reviewing what was coming up in my life, and how thankful I am to be working and healthy. I thanked the universe for my friends, my family and my new partner in life for always being s stand for me (even when I wasn’t standing for myself). I breathed. I reflected on a conversation I had a day earlier with a coworker which ended with us both deciding that if we had nothing to do for the rest of our lives, then we would spend the rest of our days taking our time and doing everything. Which led me to another list; of all the everythings I have always wanted to do. A new bucket list filled with adventures, dreams and goals. I placed it beside my other list and noticed how much of what I am doing now is fueling my list of everythings. Sure enough I could connect the dots and see that I am living many of my goals, I am making a difference and am dancing among the stars I was reaching for.

Hey there, well here we are, at the end of 30 days of rediscovery, reinvention and realization. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate then to take the trip out to Squamish to hike to one of the most beautiful views in British Columbia.

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I should preface this hike with one of my usual rants; before hiking the Chief with your alleged ‘friends’ make sure you know the following:

1. The Chief is the equivalent to hell on earth for someone who is mildly out of shape

2. There is no tram on the way down.

3. The chipmunks who live on the top of peak #1 will rip out your eye ball if you have anything that resembles food

4. It’s hard, there are rocks, ladders and other weird inclines that make you want to barf.

5. Did I mention there is no TRAM ON THE WAY DOWN.

All joking aside (yes I’m going to pretend those were jokes), when I got to the top it was time to reflect on 30 days of living the lululemon manifesto so here we go:

This month has been filled with many hard conversations (with myself and other people). It also involved reaching for and failing at some pretty big goals and opening myself up to new opportunities. More importantly it required taking a hard (real) look at how I had been living my (mediocre) life. The outcome: Learning to put more value in what I put out into the world. I learned to stop watching so much TV, living on my cellphone, reading so many newspapers and magazines so I could experience the overall impact of living in the present moment.  I rediscovered what it means to be a maven, a connector and a leader and how much power is contained in those three roles.

My biggest lesson was not holding on to stories (i.e. the meanings I give what people say and do). I learned to be honest with people by speaking from a place of love. I have learned to remember that those feelings of doubt and inadequacy will pass and how important it is to go through them so that I can appreciate the time I get to live in my sweet spot.

My good friend Jacqueline wrote something really epic on my Facebook page the other day;

Everything happens… period.

Everything happens.

And then you deal with it. And sometimes you give it a reason.

In closing I adopted the phrase: Live Big, Dream Even Bigger. This quest to my best life will never stop. I am committed to your happiness and success in life just as much as I am committed to my own. Let’s continue this journey together, one day at a time.

best crepe ever. love you more west end farmer's market.

Before you start wondering why it took me 5 days to live this part of the manifesto let me explain. In the last twenty days I have overhauled my body, mind and spirit. I have managed to put myself on an empowering path of self discovery, passion and love. Rewind to pre-manifesto experiment and you will see that I had an pretty good life, I also had some goals, some of them were a little loosey-goosey,  I was unsure, then I was sure, and then I started reaching some which was great but then I wondered if I should immediately replace them with new goals, or take a bit of “goal-reachers” vacation, which then made me feel weird and the story goes on…and on…and on. So I spent some time enjoying this week which included being completely present in my Yin Yoga teacher training, a full body assessment by Choppy at Endorphin Junkies, reconnecting in my relationship with Jake (we are both about to embark on new busy roles in our careers at lululemon) and  I also wanted to take the opportunity to work with my original goal coach: the sensational Adam Millard (@createpop or who has creatributed his own series of workshops to get you on the same path I’m on (yyeeeaa). And of course, the icing on top of this pound cake week was my decision to join the team at imagine1day in their Run to Ethiopia campaign ( and setting a new goal of supporting them in a quest to bring sustainable primary education in Ethiopia (insert exhale here). What…a…week. Again, it was full of hard conversations, big decisions and more creative energy then I thought existed in my body. One big thing I have really focussed on accomplishing is giving my insecurities (which included my little troll-voice) a break and putting everything I have always wanted to say ‘out there’. I am realizing that making mistakes are the only way to learn and grow, and how living a mediocre life (with no edge) is not the way I roll. I may fall more (in front of larger groups of people), but I will also experience much bigger successes and have more people there to support and celebrate with me as we create change and possibility in our community and in the world. I am happy to share the new and improved version of myself with the world, I am living in the space of possibility and inspiration that I always knew was out there.

So here are my goals…subject to failure, change and massive success.

Short Term

– I create and launch a lifestyle blog for the lululemon lab  and celebrate with a watermelon martini with Lacey by November 2010.

– I paint a moment between Jake and I to celebrate finishing my first beginner acrylic class by December 2010..

– Run to Ethiopia is able to fund building 1 school by Dec 2010.

– I run a mile with Danica to celebrate rehabilitating my body and a 20lbs weight loss by Feb 2011.

1 Year

– We are having dinner at ‘La Brasserie’ to celebrate the ‘ A’ I received in a photo journalism at Langara by June 2011

– My new business ‘Yin-to-go’ has served over 50 guests by Aug 2011.

– Jake and I are in Bali on our honeymoon by September 2011.

5 Year

– I celebrate my new role as Online Adventure Journalist for lululemon with a cross Canada Guerilla Yoga Tour by December 2015.

– I have written by first travel adventure novel (dedicated to my grandparents) by October 2015.

– Jake and I have a picnic on the beach to celebrate the birth/adoption of our second child by August 2015.

– We celebrate our first surf lesson with s’mores by Aug 2014.

10 Year

– I am the co-curator for a 4Cats Art studio by July 2010.

– I surprise Jake with a vacation celebrating our love, children and life together.

– Our family eats 80% locally and 100% organic.

BHAG’s (Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goals)

– I am published in National Geographic by October 2020

– We have a houseboat by May 2019

– 1 million people follow by blog by July 2020

Up Next…Dance, sing, floss and travel. A trip to Squamish’s Chief in celebration of my new life, coming this Thursday.

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Rewriting my goals took a little (a lot) longer than I thought it would. If you have been following me on Twitter you have probably noticed that I am at an interesting transition point in my life, I am changing roles within lululemon and taking my creativity over to the lululemon lab. But before starting that venture, I am doing something that has been on my to-do list for way to long: Yin Yoga teacher training with the infamous Bernie Clark. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Yin yoga, I suggest you either go take a class (with someone you love, I say this because Yin was something gifted to my life from a friend and have been a full on addict ever since). For the sake of this post…in a nutshell: Yin is balance. My life is so full of yang from long boarding to Ashtanga, that without this beautiful outlet I probably wouldn’t be walking as comfortably as I am today. I won’t go into the history of Yin (, but what I will tell you is the after effects. After finishing a class expect that feeling like you just ate a box of the best chocolates in the world (minus the calories). If that isn’t enough I should tell you that it has also dramatically increased my  flexibility, relieved chronic pain in my back and hips and most importantly it has been proven to slow down many of the effects that come with aging (osteoporosis, stiffness, range of motion etc). Before Yin (silently) walked into my life, I was losing sleep because of tightness in my hip flexors and IT bands, (at the time) I was just turning 25 and feeling 55…years of playing through injuries, living an ‘extreme’ life (which I still do) had created a myriad of scar tissue and chronic pain that prevented me from being as active as I wanted to be. After my first Yin class it felt like a light went off: if I wanted to be active in my life, I had to incorporate Yin. You’re probably wondering how I am going to tie in this manifesto, well (to be honest) I found this topic a little intimidating and a little hard on the soul. No one wants to think about their last day(s) on earth, but after thinking of this point I decided that I would prefer to die of old age and not any earlier and definitely not from a disease. This thought put the wheels in motion and got me thinking of how badly I want to be active for my entire life. Being outside, playing sports and living fully requires a strong healthy body for life. So… Yin is something I am committing to, not just for the last ten or so days of this challenge, but for my life and for the lives of those around me. From this teacher training I intend to start a business called Yin-to-go, which will be private Yin classes wherever you want them to be. From the beach to your home and even in the workplace, this will be a service to get you (and your body) on track to continuing (or starting) to live your best life. I am looking forward to paying this forward and getting everyone to their sweet spot in life.

Up Next…Write down your short and long-term GOALS four times a year. Two personal, two business and two health goals for the next 1, 5 and 10 years. Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer (for real this time)

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