No I’m not sick, I just joined the EJ 365 Challenge.

Original Weight: 167.5lbs

Today’s Weight: 160lbs

Total Loss: 7.5lbs

Medical Recommendation for height (5’7): 121 – 159 lbs/ Ideal Weight for medium frame: 148 lbs

So I started a new life for myself. I wake up ridiculously early, 3 times a week to put myself through exactly what my body needs. The team at EJ has mastered the art of making me sweat while still keeping a smile on my face. I have balanced this rigorous work out with yoga, proper nutrition and a complete overhaul on how I view my body. I type this with such ease by the journey has been anything but easy. From eating my emotions to learning to be real with my expectations, this has truly been another awakening, one that I have pushed to the bottom of the priority list and replacing with “more important things”.

What I have really taken away is the importance what I do with and to my body (and mind) and how it is a direct reflection of how I view myself. All the effort I put into my legacy is fueled by my self confidence and my ability to live a life with no roof.

I am now truly leading by example. The difference is that it’s not just with words or achievements, it’s with my entire life, top to bottom.


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