Sometimes in life, when you least expect it you find everything you’ve ever wanted and don’t even know it. About a year ago I did that exact thing and as much as I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t the right time, it totally was. Finding a partner in life seemed a bit hopeless and unrealistic for me, I don’t sit still, I’m very scattered, constantly creating and dreaming…oh and let’s not forget (like Einstein) I am extremely messy. Just to top off that winning combination I consciously and unconsciously don’t let people get close to me, I’m not sure how that complex issue ever came about, it’s something I work on now that I recognize it, but for the first 26 years of my life I had lived that way and  was never curious to know what it was like living any another way. Jake starting chipping away at that wall as soon as I met him. He’s the kind of guy that you see on the street and want to approach but assume that he must have a girlfriend, he’s the kind of guy you stand behind in the line at Capers laughing because he’s making the cashier laugh so hard that some how you’ve joined in even though you didn’t hear the punch line. He’s the guy that turns around after you get home because he saw a homeless man 6 blocks back with no jacket on and he remembers he has an extra coat in the closet. He’s that one person that can make you feel like you’re the only person in the world in a sea of people. Jake’s taught me a lot about myself and about life. He has been there for me  through some of the lowest and highest points of my life with the same open arms and love in his eyes as the first day we met. He had become my best friend, my punching bag, my shoulder and support system. A big part of who I have become is a result of his love and support. For those of you in my life that have been lucky enough to meet him this post should come as no surprise, for those of you who have someone like this in your life make sure you take time to thank them for what they bring to your everydays. My relationship with Jake is special…there is no ceiling on it and something tells me there never will be.

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  1. Brenna said:

    Thanks for sharing your love! You two are soo blessed 🙂

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