The Plan. Week 2.

Original Weight: 167.5lbs

Today’s Weight: 163lbs

Total Loss: 5.5lbs

Medical Recommendation for height (5’7): 121 – 159 lbs/ Ideal Weight for medium frame: 148 lbs

I’m 11 days in and 5 lbs down. To be honest I’m not doing anything too fancy (yet), my workout regiment consists of finding time to sweat once a day and being more conscious of what I eat. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t cut out every indulgence, the difference for me has been in moderation and really being present to what is going into my body. I have noticed a clear shift in my thought process around eating, I have become more intentional with how I am fueling my body. An Ah-ha moment for me was exploring Health Canada’s website ( and learning what I was missing and getting too much of. I started from scratch; teaching myself what a person with my lifestyle should be taking in (vitamins, calories etc) and from that started preparing meals and drinking far more water than I ever thought was possible. Then came the work out, for those of you that know me well, the gym was and will never be an option, so instead I went to the extreme and did the unthinkable, I joined the Endorphin Junkie 365 Challenge ( After meeting some of the other participants last night I have come to the conclusion that this challenge can do nothing but set me up for success. It is designed to include balanced activities, nutritional counseling, a true assessment of my fitness and supported workouts that will carry me to the body of my dreams. I have committed to this for the next year (and possibly longer) in my quest to change my lifestyle to one that I can maintain successfully.

So here we go! A new challenge, a new thing to celebrate (and rant about). Let’s see where this one takes me.

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