Bhag Completed: Bringing my two favorite companies together.

Like peanut butter and bananas sometime your two favorite things just work. Saturday September 25th 2010 was no exception. Landyachtz ( and lululemon held their first ever long boarding workshop in English Bay. Armed with helmets and brave faces we challenged ourselves to carve, cruise and sail along the seawall under the watchful eyes of the wonderful crew from Landyachtz.

We started the day learning the differences between the innovative and diverse line of boards landyachtz carries. There seemed to be a board for everyday of the week (however as always I favored my own bamboo Dropcarve). Our fearless leaders (picture above Carly, Lauren & Blake) guided us through the fundamentals of balance, controlling speed and most importantly how to (safely) stop (which I thoroughly enjoyed given that I had used the ‘slow down and jump off my board’ method for the last 5 months). Before we knew it we were moving around cone’s, small hills and through puddles! (personal fave). As we continued through more challenging maneuvers we couldn’t help but notice a small group of youngsters (love that word) holding their own boards on the sidelines. Before we knew it they soon joined our adventure and were kind enough to demo with the crew from Landyachtz, showing us what was possible as we progressed with our new hobby.

Just when we thought it was over we banded together and decided to go cruising along the sea wall. We courageously moved through English Bay (taking up most of the bike path), as a giant group of new friends. We laughed, wobbled a bit and formed new bonds with a new part of our community.

As the day came to a close we all celebrated together, little did we know the Landyachtz had one more surprise up their sleeve:  Erin’s (  name was drawn from the pack, she took home a brand new helmet to match her brand new Wedge Flex ( to practice her new skillz. Welcome to the long boarding family Erin! and most importantly welcome Landyachtz to the lululemon family.

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  1. Robbie T said:

    awesome idea! if you ever do this again i am in for sure!!!

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