Dear Oli: Pull it together. Sincerely, Your Body. Week 1.

Hey again, well I made the decision that since I decided to do any overhaul on internal-Oli, naturally the next step would be to take a look at the external. Just so we can get them out of the way  thought I would start with clearing the stories I have been using as a crutch for last 27 years: I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I could blame it on a few things (and I have), but the reality is I don’t know how to eat a balanced diet, I don’t often make time to live a balanced life and I often eat for the wrong reasons. My metabolism is probably pretty confused, in fact it’s probably even more confused than I am.

What was the straw that severely injured the camels back? I’ve done a little thinking this week on what in my life is still holding me from being as ‘top-shelf’ as I feel. The reality is that my self-image is skewed and directly impacts my confidence level in many areas of my life. Which includes reaching my goals and making my 10-year vision a reality.

Side Note: I also woke up this morning and took a good long hard look in the mirror (naked of course). I did a series of what I call ‘giggle jumps’ (jump naked and seeing what giggles; which I’m pretty sure I got from the Simpsons). So I made a choice. A choice to change what wasn’t working and try something different to see if it would change the way I feel and see myself.

So stories are gone! let’s lay out the facts:

Weight: 167.5lbs

Medical Recommendation for height (5’7): 121 – 159 lbs

Ideal Weight for medium frame: 148 lbs*

*As much as I appreciate all the research that has gone into concluding what my ‘ideal’ weight looks like, my personal goal will not be defined by a number it’s more of a feeling. That feeling looks like: being comfortable in my own skin and creating a new (permanent and friendly) relationship with food and fitness.  I also want to fit into a pair of size 6 jeans (vain I know).

So here we go….it’s all out there. Follow me, join me, comment and let me know where you’re struggling. This is about being completely honest on the outside and not just the inside, as well as creating a new healthy lifestyle that I can maintain and stand for.

Next up: The Plan. Endorphin Junkie’s 365 Day challenge.

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  1. fireandrain said:

    Go Oli! I’m working on developing a similar plan for myself right now, and it’s so wicked that we have these lululemon communities to back us up, whether or not they know they’re doing it. I’ll follow your efforts! Inspire me. Go.

  2. erin malloy said:

    you are beautiful! and you have such a beautiful outlook on how to work through this. yes!…start thanking your body for all the amazing things it provides for you! your athleticism! your health! how it functions even when we put the “wrong fuel” in it! it still tirelessly works for us no matter what! i think our bodies are aching to be loved and appreciated so often. and you are brave to look at these parts and challenge yourself. it’s not to change your body necessarily. (because its beautiful already!) it’s to HONOR your body by making these healthier choices. you are enough. remind yourself of that on this journey. 🙂 GO OLI!

  3. Tess said:

    Go Girl!

    This is so inspiring! If you ever want a running partner or workout buddy, just let me know and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

    One of my all time favourite quotes is this:

    “No one can say that you must not run faster than this or jump higher than that. The human spirit is indomitable.”

    GO GO GO!

  4. Julie said:

    You have such a positive outlook. I love this post so much.

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