The Listener. The Shoulder. My Very Best Friend. For Nan.

People on my path is dedicated to those big characters in my life that shift perspective and add pieces to my puzzle. In this episode we’ll be talking about Yvonne Taylor, who is not only my best friend but is also my grandmother. Yvonne (I prefer Nanny) met 27 years ago when I joined the family. I am her first grandchild (of 6) and people say that has soon as I popped out of mum I popped into her and poppa’s arms…and to be quite honest I don’t think I’ve left yet. Nan stands a staggering 5 foot & change with strawberry hair and a smile that seems to light up your heart and make anything that hurt’s go away. She does so many amazing things in so many people’s lives I feel as though I would rather write a book about her to give justice to mark she continues to leave on this earth and everyone around her. What I can speak of is who she has been (and continues to be) in my life. Nanny has been there. She has been there for my biggest hurts, successes and challenges. She seems to always have the right advice (whether you want to hear it or not), she is one of very few people who can see past my stubbornness and actually get through to me. She has ability to somehow move the clouds in BC when I can’t see the light (which is impressive since she still lives in Ontario). She is a powerful business woman and balances that with a heart that bigger than life. She is often the only voice of reason and often show’s up in my subconscious telling me to think about what I’m doing. I wish there were words that could describe the love and respect I feel for this woman. All I know is that what she is and has been for me shows up in all the things I feel most passionate about in life.

She is an incredible woman (which many be an understatement), mother, great-grandmother and nanny. She is by very best friend, I often say if I become half the woman she is I will live a very big and satisfying life.  I love you Nanny for the person you are and the person you’ve helped me become, you are a shining star and I pray that everyone who reads this will share the love with whoever is this person for you.


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