Being present brings presents.

Yes I know the official challenge is over, I can assure you that the change it created is definitely here to stay. To be honest,  with all these new changes in my life (i.e. new-bigger job, teaching more yoga and that huge mediocre boulder I rolled out-of-the-way), I will admit- I found myself a little overwhelmed this week. I had a list that was never-ending of things that had to be done, you know the one’s, every-time you cross something off another thing suddenly appears in its place. So I made a decision. Yesterday morning I woke up, walked out into my living room, snagged a bolster and went back to bed…and immediately into savasana. Result? Perspective shift. I started by reliving the past few days, reviewing what was coming up in my life, and how thankful I am to be working and healthy. I thanked the universe for my friends, my family and my new partner in life for always being s stand for me (even when I wasn’t standing for myself). I breathed. I reflected on a conversation I had a day earlier with a coworker which ended with us both deciding that if we had nothing to do for the rest of our lives, then we would spend the rest of our days taking our time and doing everything. Which led me to another list; of all the everythings I have always wanted to do. A new bucket list filled with adventures, dreams and goals. I placed it beside my other list and noticed how much of what I am doing now is fueling my list of everythings. Sure enough I could connect the dots and see that I am living many of my goals, I am making a difference and am dancing among the stars I was reaching for.


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