Dance, sing, floss and travel. A celebration of my new life. Day 30.

Hey there, well here we are, at the end of 30 days of rediscovery, reinvention and realization. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate then to take the trip out to Squamish to hike to one of the most beautiful views in British Columbia.

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I should preface this hike with one of my usual rants; before hiking the Chief with your alleged ‘friends’ make sure you know the following:

1. The Chief is the equivalent to hell on earth for someone who is mildly out of shape

2. There is no tram on the way down.

3. The chipmunks who live on the top of peak #1 will rip out your eye ball if you have anything that resembles food

4. It’s hard, there are rocks, ladders and other weird inclines that make you want to barf.

5. Did I mention there is no TRAM ON THE WAY DOWN.

All joking aside (yes I’m going to pretend those were jokes), when I got to the top it was time to reflect on 30 days of living the lululemon manifesto so here we go:

This month has been filled with many hard conversations (with myself and other people). It also involved reaching for and failing at some pretty big goals and opening myself up to new opportunities. More importantly it required taking a hard (real) look at how I had been living my (mediocre) life. The outcome: Learning to put more value in what I put out into the world. I learned to stop watching so much TV, living on my cellphone, reading so many newspapers and magazines so I could experience the overall impact of living in the present moment.  I rediscovered what it means to be a maven, a connector and a leader and how much power is contained in those three roles.

My biggest lesson was not holding on to stories (i.e. the meanings I give what people say and do). I learned to be honest with people by speaking from a place of love. I have learned to remember that those feelings of doubt and inadequacy will pass and how important it is to go through them so that I can appreciate the time I get to live in my sweet spot.

My good friend Jacqueline wrote something really epic on my Facebook page the other day;

Everything happens… period.

Everything happens.

And then you deal with it. And sometimes you give it a reason.

In closing I adopted the phrase: Live Big, Dream Even Bigger. This quest to my best life will never stop. I am committed to your happiness and success in life just as much as I am committed to my own. Let’s continue this journey together, one day at a time.


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