Write down your short and long-term GOALS four times a year. Two personal, two business and two health goals for the next 1, 5 and 10 years. Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer (for real this time) Day 20-25th.

best crepe ever. love you more west end farmer's market.

Before you start wondering why it took me 5 days to live this part of the manifesto let me explain. In the last twenty days I have overhauled my body, mind and spirit. I have managed to put myself on an empowering path of self discovery, passion and love. Rewind to pre-manifesto experiment and you will see that I had an pretty good life, I also had some goals, some of them were a little loosey-goosey,  I was unsure, then I was sure, and then I started reaching some which was great but then I wondered if I should immediately replace them with new goals, or take a bit of “goal-reachers” vacation, which then made me feel weird and the story goes on…and on…and on. So I spent some time enjoying this week which included being completely present in my Yin Yoga teacher training, a full body assessment by Choppy at Endorphin Junkies, reconnecting in my relationship with Jake (we are both about to embark on new busy roles in our careers at lululemon) and  I also wanted to take the opportunity to work with my original goal coach: the sensational Adam Millard (@createpop or http://www.facebook.com/createPOP?ref=ts) who has creatributed his own series of workshops to get you on the same path I’m on (yyeeeaa). And of course, the icing on top of this pound cake week was my decision to join the team at imagine1day in their Run to Ethiopia campaign (http://www.facebook.com/runningethiopia?ref=ts) and setting a new goal of supporting them in a quest to bring sustainable primary education in Ethiopia (insert exhale here). What…a…week. Again, it was full of hard conversations, big decisions and more creative energy then I thought existed in my body. One big thing I have really focussed on accomplishing is giving my insecurities (which included my little troll-voice) a break and putting everything I have always wanted to say ‘out there’. I am realizing that making mistakes are the only way to learn and grow, and how living a mediocre life (with no edge) is not the way I roll. I may fall more (in front of larger groups of people), but I will also experience much bigger successes and have more people there to support and celebrate with me as we create change and possibility in our community and in the world. I am happy to share the new and improved version of myself with the world, I am living in the space of possibility and inspiration that I always knew was out there.

So here are my goals…subject to failure, change and massive success.

Short Term

– I create and launch a lifestyle blog for the lululemon lab  and celebrate with a watermelon martini with Lacey by November 2010.

– I paint a moment between Jake and I to celebrate finishing my first beginner acrylic class by December 2010..

– Run to Ethiopia is able to fund building 1 school by Dec 2010.

– I run a mile with Danica to celebrate rehabilitating my body and a 20lbs weight loss by Feb 2011.

1 Year

– We are having dinner at ‘La Brasserie’ to celebrate the ‘ A’ I received in a photo journalism at Langara by June 2011

– My new business ‘Yin-to-go’ has served over 50 guests by Aug 2011.

– Jake and I are in Bali on our honeymoon by September 2011.

5 Year

– I celebrate my new role as Online Adventure Journalist for lululemon with a cross Canada Guerilla Yoga Tour by December 2015.

– I have written by first travel adventure novel (dedicated to my grandparents) by October 2015.

– Jake and I have a picnic on the beach to celebrate the birth/adoption of our second child by August 2015.

– We celebrate our first surf lesson with s’mores by Aug 2014.

10 Year

– I am the co-curator for a 4Cats Art studio by July 2010.

– I surprise Jake with a vacation celebrating our love, children and life together.

– Our family eats 80% locally and 100% organic.

BHAG’s (Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goals)

– I am published in National Geographic by October 2020

– We have a houseboat by May 2019

– 1 million people follow by blog by July 2020

Up Next…Dance, sing, floss and travel. A trip to Squamish’s Chief in celebration of my new life, coming this Thursday.

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