A daily hit of athletic-induced endorphins gives you the power to make better decisions, helps you be at peace with yourself, and offsets stress. Day 5.

I have noticed that with my parents visiting from Onterrible I have neglected the time I usually take for myself. So, yesterday I accepted an invitation from lululemon West 4th’s Community Guru (Laura Struve) to try Tactix. Just to give you a little heads up about what they are about (taken from their website-http://www.tactixgym.com/01/)-

Tactix aims to create a an exceptional gratifying, community servicing experience with workout experiences well above the norm in Vancouver.  This is not just the for the ”uberfit”, but a unique environment, with exceptionally qualified instructors and trainers for every body type and fitness level.

Tactix Gym is 5700 sq. ft. facility packed with pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, squat racks, power cages, 3000 lbs in top of the line bumper plates, ProSeries advanced kettlebells, gymnastic vaults, plyometric boxes, the new Slacklines by Gibbon, benches, hex dumbells, lifting platforms, chains, bands, climbing and battling ropes (both manilla and nylon), TRX training systems, ground and pound bags, Garage Gym/Rage medicine balls, Slammer balls by MuscleDriver USA, professional training sandbags by MuscleDriver USA, a selection of heavy vests, variety of tires, sledge hammers, over a dozen hanging heavy bags, kick shields, curved focus mitts, boxing and MMA gloves, rollout mats by Dollamur, Krav Maga tombstones, full range of sparring gear, Blauer High Gear combat training gear, modern training weapons (eg. rubber guns, knives, airsoft for advanced training, practice sticks, crash mats).

The West 4th crew arrived at 9am (Laura, Emily and Ali and myself) not knowing what to expect and (speaking for myself) we got our asses handed to us. It had been a long time since I had worked out that hard, from kick boxing to a variety calisthenics that set our core (particularly for me the inner thighs) on fire. There were a couple ‘close-pukes’ but all in all we stuck together, encouraging each other, occasionally resting when our drill sergeant turned his back and pushing ourselves in hopes of abs appearing as we staggered to the car.

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After the workout we did something that took me even more out of my comfort zone…I went to lunch with the girls! In line with our health-inspired day we ventured to Gorilla Food on Richards Street. Side Note.. we arrived a little early and ventured into possibly the best book store I have ever been to right beside the restaurant (make sure you hit it when your down there, also the antique junkie in me needs to tell you that there’s a killer antique shop right next door with beautiful stone rings and many other jewels).

Back to the food- Ladies and Gents if you care about your body (and you really should if you don’t) Gorilla Food is the place to hit- here’s a little info (http://www.gorillafood.com/)

We are passionate about creatively and consciously providing raw, organic, vegan, live foods to people who care for themselves and the world we live in! We are about working together with our community, supporting our local growers and supporting worthy causes the whole world around.We try to be compassionate and ecologically conscious.Our kitchen and eat-in space is at 436 Richards St. in the bustling core of downtown Vancouver (located between Hastings St. and Pender Street). We are open Monday through Saturday from 11am until 7pm and closed Sundays.

We are an organic, vegan, raw food take away and catering service and we also provide a line of prepared, vegan, raw foods and vegan, raw food ingredients available at select retail environments; We can also provide a delivery service, bringing raw foods to you with convenience.Gorilla Food was started by an organic, vegan, raw food enthusiast and you can expect that standard to be passed on to you. You can eat with us knowing that you are treating yourself to the highest quality, pure, healing foods. Gorilla Food is an expression of a wish to spread organic and natural living to the world.

It’s our belief that we can live in the modern world, living as lightly as possible, and that we can create sustainable healthy culture through the growing of our own food and by creating local webs of self-producing energy and food production.Gorilla Food maintains a commitment to connect the city with the most organic farmers who are growing the most natural foods in the most natural, sustainable ways.We believe in working with nature not against it. We wish to honor the Earth on which we live!

It is as amazing as it sounds, I had the Nice Bowl ($10- A bowl of ryce made from veggies and seeds than mounded with warm marinated curry seasoned veggies, leaves and sprouts). The other players filled their bellies with leaf wrap, pesto pizza, sandwich and a slice of chocolate hemp seed pie (even a bite hit the spot for me).

Results of todays challenge were outstanding, I felt more clear-headed, a little sore and more importantly really great about myself. I also got to know 3 amazing and inspirational women in my life a bit better. Up Next…Observe a plant before and after watering and relate these benefits to your body and brain.

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