Successful people replace the words “wish”, “should” and “try” with “I will”. Day 3.

I moved to Vancouver this past October to pursue unknown goals with a company I love. What I mean by unknown goals is that I knew I loved yoga, loved lululemon and felt a deep calling to connect with people (I just didn’t have any idea how they could all come together…yet). After moving here and joining the amazing team at lululemon West 4th I went through some major ups and downs with my health, personal and professional life. I made some hard (and no so hard decisions) which included my decision to start the process of becoming the writer my University professor (Dr. Angus Cleghorn) told me I was born to be (of course at that time I dismissed his ‘advice’ without even giving it a second thought since I was already following another path that was carefully laid out for me and by me to be what I thought I had to be- follow that?- thanks Landmark). After I (finally) made the decision to write (yea!) I started to brainstorm how I could make everything I am so passionate about become my work. This might sound easy but please note this took many tough conversations (with myself and some hard hitters), an intense goal coaching session with the unstoppable Melanie Bradley and a magical meeting with Carolyn Coles, and (after 6 months of digging) my dream was uncovered. Which brings me to where I am now in my life, working towards my biggest BHAG yet- joining the Online Community team at lululemon (I still grin ear to ear when I think or speak about it). I should tell you it’s also one of the most terrifyingly zones to be in! putting yourself right out there and enrolling in new education in the (new) world of social media has been a roller-coaster that I never want to stop! This raging fire under my belly is fueled completely by passion, determination and a commitment to reach people who are in search of their best life. That same fire has wiped out that feeling of uncertainty that used to consume many parts of my life. Its since been replaced with a commitment to be the best in the world at what I love by learning from the incredible people that are already in my life (and the one’s that are about to me). I’m also listening more, and paying more attention to the detail required to hold an audience in all forms of media as well as build a business and a brand. I feel like I am truly living for the first time in my life. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings!

Todays challenge is about action, I am the new successor for social media at West 4th, I am job shadowing members of the online community teams at both the store support centre and guest education centre. I am also taking courses in photography, photoshop and on how to be an effective creative writer. I am going in head first and taking myself on so I can live my dream. I want to think of something (big or small) that you’ve always wanted to do and ask yourself why you never have. There are a million reasons not to do things. Put your passions out into the world and don’t be surprised when opportunity bite’s. It can be a beautiful thing. Up next…The pursuit of happiness is the source of all unhappiness.

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  1. Mel said:

    Tear…. Followed quickly by goosebumps, and solid excitement for what you are creating 😉

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