Live near the ocean and inhale pure salt air that flows over the water. Vancouver will do nicely. Day 1.

What a way to start my challenge- exploring my new home! Jake and I thought we would knock a to-do off of both our lists by taking a mini-summer vacation camping in beautiful Tofino, British Columbia. This past Friday morning we left our home in the west end of Vancouver on our first (and definitely not last) trip to the island. With the truck packed and a brand new mix CD we hit the road. After a short ferry ride we traveled through a very picturesque landscape that included beautiful Cathedral Park which caused even the fastest travelers to slow down and bask in trees that were as wide as buildings and seemed to grow right into the sky. Like a roller coaster we continued weaving through mountains and driving past some of the clearest, bluest water I’ve ever seen, it was like BC had put its good shirt on for dinner. We finally reached an ending point and were met the dilemma most people face at the end of this ride; Ucluelet or Tofino? My inner Eoin Finn forced us left to Ukie where we dined at Delicado’s (incredible roll ups! Jake suggests the Mediterranean and I would tell you to get a spicy Californian with shrimp). We cruised around the local surf shops and galleries, happily enjoying the time we were spending together. This was one of many moments that reminded me of the importance of being present. since we both work so much I hadn’t realized how much I had really missed joking around, spending time and laughing with the person I love most in the world. We continued our adventure and started making our way to Tofino.Thank goodness Jake was behind the wheel, we would have never made it to Long Beach Golf Course (Camp Site) if I was driving. On our way into Tofino we were met with entrance to trails exploring the rainforest that seemed to act as a curtain to the much anticpiated long beach, also Incinerator Rock and a slew of other long drive ways that would have had me turning off the path in a heart beat. We got to camp, Jake set up the tent while I organized wood and did other cave woman type things…the first laugh attack occurred when I spotted a hard ball and said “We shoulda brought our gloves” Jake (who was standing about 4ft from me) bent over and grabbed the ball, turned around, wound up like a pitcher and launched it at me. He did all this before telling me that it was a squishy ball. I (of course) dove out of the way turning my body in disbelief…finally the reaction caught up to what had happened and we both stood their laughing for a good 5 minutes. It was hard to be angry when I could see the look I must have had on my face. We ate at 2 outstanding restaurants (when we weren’t cooking by the fire) that I must mention and they are: Vincente’s for breakfast (think soup nazi meets best sandwich you ever had) the Wildside (fish taco’s that you want to eat for every meal. forever.) and  if you peek around the corner you’ll see Chocolate Tofino (gelato that will take you to your knees…if you’re not already on your knees from the taco’s).

The rest of the trip was filled with everything we both love, great food in town, multiple trips to the beach, long boarding every chance we got, a hike in the rainforest, campfire s’mores and lots of laughing and love. My favorite memory (next to the softball to the gut) was walking on some of the widest longest beaches an eerie mist that accompanies (what locals call) Fogust would land on the horizon and creep in to the shore as the sun sank, it created a few moments where I felt like I had been to Tofino already in a dream at some point in my life (also made for some neat pictures!).  In many ways I felt the value of the trip by how present we were both able to be. It was like a chapter out of Eat, Pray, Love…we enjoyed the silence, feeling the sand underneath our feet and exploring everything together. We were both able to notice different things and really connect on the deepest level of our friendship (which is one of my favorite parts of our relationship). What a difference living in Vancouver has made in my life. This weekend solidified that no matter where my life takes me my soul will always have a home here.  All and all a beautiful success and a great start to my 30-day challenge. Next up… Breathe Deeply and Appreciate the Moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.

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  1. Liz! said:

    Amazing photos, Oli! You’re the coolest.

  2. Margaret Wheeler said:

    My honey and our doggies (Olive 🙂 and Daphne) were there this weekend as well. Beautiful, amazing place. We added in hot stone massages at Sacred Stone. Amazing.
    See you soon.


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