Breathe Deeply and Appreciate the Moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life. Day 2.

I’m a day in and already loving this challenge. I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you I was trying to avoid this particular phrase in the manifesto. Breathing deeply and being in the moment, probably is the meaning of life and it is something I struggle with -as do many people- on daily (often hourly) basis. Not thinking of the future or what has to be (or has been) done and just being present is something that consistently challenges me in every aspect of my life. For this experiment I didn’t want to do anything too outlandish because I want to revisit this commitment until it becomes a habit in my life. This is one part of this challenge I had ‘trained’ for (please refer to an earlier post called Being in the moment- The power behind making choices). I did this by removing my iPod, turning off my cell phone and actually seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling what was going on around me for my entire 40 minutes walk home from work. I ended up with a unique moment and unexpected result that still comes up for me. For the rest of this 30-day challenge I am committing to be more present in my life by dedicating time for myself. I love to write and am passionate about yoga, so for the next 29 days I will make time for both. I will continue writing this blog every morning and on top of that write at least one paragraph in the book I am writing. I will continue to teach yoga twice a week but also make time for a personal practice at either a studio or by myself daily. I chose these because they are two things that I consistently put off and at the same time these are two things I would do if it were my last day on earth. My learnings here are that things that are important to me should be a priority, balance in life is what keeps me happy and healthy. When I slowly replace balance with projects, work, worrying and other ‘more important’ things I start to feel a shift in my body and I experience periods of anxiety and stress. The results: I’m not present in my relationship, I know longer feel like myself, I am no longer able to create on every level and I miss opportunities that are standing right in front of me. Let’s do this one together. Think of something you love doing more than anything and make it a real priority. Fit it in to the schedule. A big part of your life is this moment, why not live it fully. Up Next: taking a trip to lululemon’s Store Support Centre to see what my dream job is all about. Successful people replace the words “wish”, “should” and “try” with “I will”

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  1. Jenn said:

    Hi Oli!

    I am loving your manifesto-living, and just thought I would share one of my favorite quotes, from my favorite sing/songwriter!

    In one of his songs Jimmy Buffett sings ‘I bought a cheap watch from a crazy man, floating down canal. It doesn’t use numbers or moving hands, it always just says now. Now you may be thinking that I was had, but this watch is never wrong. And if I had trouble the warranty said, Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On’.

    Goes right along with living in the moment (now!).

    Great job on the journey, its been a slice reading your experience so far! It would be great to come and join you on one of your daily adventures!

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