Fringe, ferns & flowers

Something I noticed (and fell in love with) immediately after arriving in BC are the little artistic niceties around the city. From nature-inspired transformers to leaves imprinted in the concrete I found a deep appreciation for the ‘details’ that I am still continuing to uncover. In fact, I am at the point where I rarely leave the house without my camera, fearing that I might miss an 8-ft chalk portrait, a (what seems like) pop-up farmer’s market or a community garden in full bloom. I often wonder why more cities don’t do this…The feeling I get when noticing them- no matter how small- keeps my creative spirit more interactive in my environment and more present in my life. I might be the only person who might remember the computer games ‘The Sims’, I reference it because I found that one thing I thought was really interesting about that game was that the player (‘Sim’) must make decisions about time spent in personal development, such as exercise, reading, creativity, and logic, by adding activities to its daily agenda. If the simulated humans do not perform need fulfillment, they suffer consequences. For example, if they do not eat, they will die of starvation. If they do not go to the bathroom, they will wet themselves. If they do not have fun, they become depressed and unwilling to do things. When Sims have low motives they are more likely to be nasty to other Sim characters by insulting them, slapping them and even attacking them. So what I’m trying to get at is that this ‘fringe’ that weaves around Vancouver prevents me from slapping other people in the face  (kidding- sort of)…what it really does is keeps a smile on my face, my imagination fueled and reminds me that thinking outside of the box and altering my own perspective are essential to my own creativity. These little ‘sparkles’ of originality give people the same feeling you get when your receiving a hand-made gift…possibly jam or a loaf of some sort…or that feeling when you shop in Capers and buy some sort of flax-fish-coconut water oil that costs twice as much as the oil of olay you used to use..oh and makes you smell like a thrift shop….you know it’s that voice that now keeps me 10lbs heavier than Ontario because of all the cute hipster vegetarian eateries and ooey gooey cinnamon buns. It’s that non-selfish-selfish feeling of something that is just for you.  And why the hell not.  

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  1. tania khoo said:

    I love this.

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