Sweat Once a Day with lululemon

I got one for you…i was walking all the way to the good capers, you know the one i’m talking about; where you don’t get eyed in the bulk food section and the savory buns are never hard. I do my usual tour looking for deals (yes they do exist at capers thank you katie murphy). I make my purchase and bask in the warm snuggie hug the good capers gives you after you make your purchase (like the begian chocolate chip cookies from capers can’t possibly get to your hips…they have whole whear flour and fair trade sugar!!!)…I’m about 4 – maybe 6 minutes out of the door when the unthinkable happens. The first bag breaks while i’m crossing the road (that’s right people in the middle of the street)…of course it’s not the one containing the herb-garden-I-didn’t-need-impulse- buy. It’s the with little bits and pieces of light stuff that all seem to be stacked in such a way to prevent each piece from mushing each other- not that that matters anymore since i’m standing in the middle of an intersection corralling my groceries like a cowboy, directing traffic and for some reason trying to look as elegant as humanly possible in an event such as this. So I manage to condense said bags to three large Capers bag. Not the end of the world. I continue my trek…another 8 minutes passes and you guessed it a second bag completely rips- but not just anywhere- right in front of the guy whipper snippering 3 foot high grass (hey buddy that’s what lawn mowers are for) and even though he sees me he doesn’t stop! that’s right people despite the fact there is two-for-one lemonade, cans of soup and kale strewn around his lawn accompanied by me on my hands and knees trying to look graceful as the rusty blades of the whipper snipper comes dangerously close to my cantaloupe. His internal voice says “no big deal” and my external voice says “Thanks buddy, no please snip away”. It takes all of my arm strength to hold these two over full bags (one with most of my new surprise herb garden i was going to build for Jake that is now being crushed by almond milk and kashi bars). My usual Toronto swagga (not my fault I was born that way) now resembles one of those swedish body builders holding a log in the final leg of one of those strongman competition that only seem to catch your eye on on TSN when its raining or you’re snowed in. I somehow make it home in one piece and vow to remember my reusable bags (that I always forget)…Learnings: Reusable bags- you can never have to many, Whole Foods bags can also be recycled…perhaps we’ll ask for an extra bag when we decide to take advantage of 3 for 1 chick peas and peanut butter the size of a can of apple juice.

So you want to talk about sweat? i’ll talk to you about sweat.

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  1. JT said:

    So good!! I love it!! keep the blogs coming!!! you ROCK! xo

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