My Goals- 06/28/10

The process of setting goals is one of the most difficult, liberating and challenging tasks. For me it consisted of really digging deep into myself and having some really scary conversations with some really impactful people (which included that big person that lives in my head). I also forced myself to sit down and put on paper what my ideal day looks like, what my ideal job would sound like and finally what I am best in the world at. Here’s what came out of it:

Short Term goals:

I celebrate my 27th birthday with a camping trip in Tofino by August 1 2010

I celebrate Lululemon’s first Annual Manifestival with a bon fire with all involved by August 22nd 2010

I am featured in an ad for Lululemon in Yoga Journal Magazine by October 2010

I write my first article for an online or local newspaper in Vancouver by November 2010

My blog is featured on Lululemon’s website and commented on by at least 20 people by December 2010

I am a member of Lululemon’s Online Community Team December 2010

1 Year Goals

I teach Yin Yoga once a week at Yyoga Flow by January 2011

Jake and I are on our honeymoon in Bali by July 2011

I am the featured Blogger and Tweeter for Lululemon’s first Guerilla Yoga Tour across Canada by April 2011

Jake and I long board (without falling) to second beach and celebrate with a picnic by August 2011

5 Year Goals

I complete my first book by August 15 2015

Jake and I are the parents of one beautiful child and have one on the way by April 2015

I complete my Yin teacher training with Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley by September 2015

I am the Online Community manager for Lululemon by December 2015

10 Year Goals

I am the co-curator of 4Cats Art Studio in Squamish by June 2020

I surprise Jake with a vacation to celebrate our 10th wedding Anniversary by July 2020

I lead a yoga practice for my children 2 times per week by August 2020

Big shout out to the Goaltender site on – Do yourself a favor and check it out (


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