Come one- Come all!

So here we are. after many discussions, lunch meetings, ‘business breakfasts’ and Savasana’s  I have decided to join the wonderful world of WordPress blogging. My fellow WordPress bloggers have assured me that the weekly exorcism’s my other blog required will not exist in the land of WordPress, that in itself aided in the transition (that and my user name wasn’t taken).I invite you to celebrate this moment ! I commit to making this blog the best it can be, it is my first avenue in my BHAG of being a writer and am looking forward to entertaining and making you question all the little things in life.  I will be using Categories (since they’re availalble)! That will include (but are not limited to), People that Inspire, Random Rants, Mysteries from the Mat, Drawn out stories,  the in depth study of Gangster Rap and Gardening with Oli (that last one was for me).

So please get excited….fall in love- then out, laugh and let a little pee come out, cry and then realize that it’s okay, reflect a bit and be driven to possibly drink heavily. This should be a good time (as life should be).


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