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My first full “day-off” was approaching very slowly this past weekend. I will admit that the moments that have filled my schedule these past 5 weeks have been incredible, everything from my new lifestyle/torture plan with Endorphin Junkies to my new gig at the lululemon lab has been more rewarding (and kept me more busy) than I ever expected! So when Sunday approached this week my stiff body, busy mind and saturated soul sat me down and gave me a little feedback: do something for you. Just before I could even start brainstorming my good friend Barb called and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I should preface this story with a little background: Barb and I had an instant connection after my move to Vancouver, we are both uber passionate about fitness and have long conversations about the importance of balance, stress relief and different forms of bodywork. We also both got our starts in alternative forms of healing in Toronto, she became interested in Thai Massage after working as a personal trainer and earning a degree in physical health & education at University of Toronto. Since moving to Vancouver she has set up a promising practice in Yaletown destined to propel her into greatness. She is quickly being recognized as a leader in Vancouver’s Thai Massage community with a growing list of addicts (me included).

This Sunday in particular Barb guided me through a relaxing one-hour session that some how manifested a new energy that still hasn’t worn off. She used a combination of deep stretching, rhythmic pressure and massage to release deep seeded tension and stiffness in my hips, back and neck. I can honestly say the results were immediate, and most importantly I can finally say that my muscles feel just as at ease as my soul does at this point in my very blessed life. Thanks Barb….and to all my friends reading this, give yourself  a little taste of Thailand this Christmas…take an hour and surrender.

You can contact Barb through her website, check out her new studio space  Groundwork Athletics (Granville and Georgia).

Original Weight: 167.5lbs

Today’s Weight: 160lbs

Total Loss: 7.5lbs

Medical Recommendation for height (5’7): 121 – 159 lbs/ Ideal Weight for medium frame: 148 lbs

So I started a new life for myself. I wake up ridiculously early, 3 times a week to put myself through exactly what my body needs. The team at EJ has mastered the art of making me sweat while still keeping a smile on my face. I have balanced this rigorous work out with yoga, proper nutrition and a complete overhaul on how I view my body. I type this with such ease by the journey has been anything but easy. From eating my emotions to learning to be real with my expectations, this has truly been another awakening, one that I have pushed to the bottom of the priority list and replacing with “more important things”.

What I have really taken away is the importance what I do with and to my body (and mind) and how it is a direct reflection of how I view myself. All the effort I put into my legacy is fueled by my self confidence and my ability to live a life with no roof.

I am now truly leading by example. The difference is that it’s not just with words or achievements, it’s with my entire life, top to bottom.

One year with the most amazing person I have ever met. Love you, love us.

Sometimes in life, when you least expect it you find everything you’ve ever wanted and don’t even know it. About a year ago I did that exact thing and as much as I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t the right time, it totally was. Finding a partner in life seemed a bit hopeless and unrealistic for me, I don’t sit still, I’m very scattered, constantly creating and dreaming…oh and let’s not forget (like Einstein) I am extremely messy. Just to top off that winning combination I consciously and unconsciously don’t let people get close to me, I’m not sure how that complex issue ever came about, it’s something I work on now that I recognize it, but for the first 26 years of my life I had lived that way and  was never curious to know what it was like living any another way. Jake starting chipping away at that wall as soon as I met him. He’s the kind of guy that you see on the street and want to approach but assume that he must have a girlfriend, he’s the kind of guy you stand behind in the line at Capers laughing because he’s making the cashier laugh so hard that some how you’ve joined in even though you didn’t hear the punch line. He’s the guy that turns around after you get home because he saw a homeless man 6 blocks back with no jacket on and he remembers he has an extra coat in the closet. He’s that one person that can make you feel like you’re the only person in the world in a sea of people. Jake’s taught me a lot about myself and about life. He has been there for me  through some of the lowest and highest points of my life with the same open arms and love in his eyes as the first day we met. He had become my best friend, my punching bag, my shoulder and support system. A big part of who I have become is a result of his love and support. For those of you in my life that have been lucky enough to meet him this post should come as no surprise, for those of you who have someone like this in your life make sure you take time to thank them for what they bring to your everydays. My relationship with Jake is special…there is no ceiling on it and something tells me there never will be.

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Original Weight: 167.5lbs

Today’s Weight: 163lbs

Total Loss: 5.5lbs

Medical Recommendation for height (5’7): 121 – 159 lbs/ Ideal Weight for medium frame: 148 lbs

I’m 11 days in and 5 lbs down. To be honest I’m not doing anything too fancy (yet), my workout regiment consists of finding time to sweat once a day and being more conscious of what I eat. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t cut out every indulgence, the difference for me has been in moderation and really being present to what is going into my body. I have noticed a clear shift in my thought process around eating, I have become more intentional with how I am fueling my body. An Ah-ha moment for me was exploring Health Canada’s website ( and learning what I was missing and getting too much of. I started from scratch; teaching myself what a person with my lifestyle should be taking in (vitamins, calories etc) and from that started preparing meals and drinking far more water than I ever thought was possible. Then came the work out, for those of you that know me well, the gym was and will never be an option, so instead I went to the extreme and did the unthinkable, I joined the Endorphin Junkie 365 Challenge ( After meeting some of the other participants last night I have come to the conclusion that this challenge can do nothing but set me up for success. It is designed to include balanced activities, nutritional counseling, a true assessment of my fitness and supported workouts that will carry me to the body of my dreams. I have committed to this for the next year (and possibly longer) in my quest to change my lifestyle to one that I can maintain successfully.

So here we go! A new challenge, a new thing to celebrate (and rant about). Let’s see where this one takes me.

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